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Audita Assessoria Empresarial LTDA was established in October 1990 with the purpose of assisting companies in the management, control, and administration of their businesses.

Providing everything a company would expect of a world-class intellectual property firm, we are proud to offer expert legal advice, as well extensive experience in all subject areas relating to the protection of intellectual property rights.

Legal Services

We are a law firm that provides legal protection of intellectual property.


The registration of the company name on the Board of Trade does not ensure the ownership of the TRADEMARK, as it does not prevent third parties from using and registering identical or similar trademarks.

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Patent and Trademark Registration

Registration and follow-up of proceedings at INPI – Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (official government body responsible for Industrial Property rights in Brazil).

Copyright Registration

Offering protection to any copyright is intrinsically related to protecting the rights that creators have over their works. Works covered by copyright range from the most varied areas of intellectual creation and artistic expression of man, such as literature, poetry, music, theater, painting, drawing, photography, and others.

Software Registration

It is the protection of computer programs, by registering them at INPI (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office). This is the most effective means of protection, since it ensures the adoption of judicial measures aimed at preventing piracy.

Industrial Design Registration

The registration of the shape of an Industrial Design is the protection of its specific design, that is, the protection of the effective details that make the product unique in the market. It is interesting and very favorable for products such as footwear and packaging, and its INPI registration process is fast, which increases the degree of protection.


  • Trademark or Patent Negotiation

    The trademark is the most valuable asset of a company.

    The INPI database has many duly registered brands whose owners wish to negotiate (selling, assigning, licensing, signing a franchise agreement, etc.). This is due to several reasons, such as the termination of their activities or the change of the market segment. A similar situation occurs with filed or granted patents. Many creators have the inventive capability, however, they do not attract the interest needed to have their inventions produced, and therefore seek financial return through the negotiation of the patent, either by transfer (sale) or license (authorization). We provide all our expertise and structure for those who are interested in buying, selling, or licensing a trademark or patent, thus creating an important link between the interested parties.

  • Activation of Assets

    The correct evaluation enables the capital increase.

    For a reliable evaluation of the assets, it is essential to assess the company as a whole (brand, patent, software, profitability, etc.). The procedure involves a number of specific details, which requires experience and proficiency. The correct evaluation could provide a capital increase and represents a balance sheet that allows, among other things, access to credit lines and bank guarantees.

  • International Procedures

    We are able to offer assistance for all necessary procedures abroad.

    Those who intend to disseminate their trademark or invention in other countries, it is important take the same protection measures adopted in Brazil. It is very important to file the protection request in the respective Patent and Trademark Office of each territory. Our team performs all the necessary procedures abroad, from search of viability, through the registry forwarding and final procedures.


  • Mission: 

    Protect and defend the rights and interests of our clients, helping them to focus on solely on their business.

  • Vision: 

    Become a benchmark in our field by the constant search for excellence in the services provided.

  • Values:

    Ethics, credibility and proficiency.


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